Engineering Design Consultants

Engineering Services

3D Modelling & Draughting
For many years the benefits of using 3D CAD systems have been commonly known but until quite recently the limitations of both the software and hardware available meant that 2D CAD was the tool of choice for most engineers. More
Aluminium Design
Aluminium is a lightweight material with excellent corrosion properties, which make it ideal for use in several of Eadon Consulting’s key markets such as access equipment and specialist temporary works. Structures can be quickly built out of hand-portable elements that are capable of carrying substantial loads. More
Category 3 Checking
We have a wide range of experience of performing category 3 (Cat III) or 3rd party checks for mechanical and structural equipment, as well as independent design verifications for investors. A category 3 check is usually required on moving bridges, high way structures and is often compulsory on a large range of equipment in the nuclear and offshore industries for devices such as cranes, lifting beams and bearings. More
The analysis of fluid flow in engineering applications is becoming more commonplace. Eadon Consulting staff have experience of using CFD software such as ANSYS CFX to model gas and liquid flow through components. More
Failure Investigation
When things have failed or are not working as expected, they typically need resolving in a timely and cost effective manner. With our experience across a wide range of sectors, we are able to bring to bear a large knowledgebase to help resolve situations. More
Finite Element Analysis
Eadon Consulting is an engineering design consultancy working across a number of sectors, with expertise in mechanical, structural, control and hydraulic design.. More information on Finite Element Analysis More
Mechanical Design
Mechanical design is at the heart of what Eadon Consulting do. We have extensive experience of delivering cost effective, reliable solutions across a wide range of sectors. More information on Mechanical Design More
Piping & Pressure Vessels
Eadon Consulting are able to offer mechanical piping design and pressure vessel design services. In addition, our structural design capability means that we can design or assess supporting steelwork, integrating it into the pipework model and producing detailed drawings for manufacture. More information on Piping & Pressure Vessels More
Seismic and Dynamic Analysis
Our engineers use seismic analysis to determine how a structure or component responds to ground movement. Using finite element software we can determine the mode shapes and modal frequencies to feed into a response spectrum or time history analysis. More
Site support & Inspections
Independent site inspections are regularly required to assess the condition of a piece of plant or equipment which may be in a poor condition. Increasingly clients are required to have annual independent inspections to certify equipment for insurance purposes. More
Stainless Steel Design
Stainless steel is used widely throughout everyday life and has been used for ancillary products and components in the building industry for a number of years. More
Structural Design
Eadon Consulting's expertise includes designing both simple and complex structures that are either fixed or integrated with moving elements, such as moving bridges, buildings and access gantries. More
Temporary Works
Eadon Consulting are experienced in designing bespoke solutions for a range of applications including temporary works design. Our specialist knowledge in the integration of structures with mechanical, hydraulic and electrical elements allow us to evaluate the client’s requirements and come up with the right solution. More
Timber Design
Timber comes in a broad range of species with hugely varying properties. As a structural material it has a very good strength to weight ratio and used in the right circumstances can provide very cost effective design solutions. More

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