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3D Modelling & Draughting

For many years the benefits of using 3D CAD systems have been commonly known but until quite recently the limitations of both the software and hardware available meant that 2D CAD was the tool of choice for most engineers.

Using the powerful hardware now readily available and the very latest state of the art software, Solidworks, Eadon Consulting have fully embraced the move to 3D design.

All of Eadon Consulting's engineers are fully trained in 3D modelling techniques, which results in fantastic benefits both within the company and to our clients.


The main benefit of 3D modelling is vastly improved communication of design intent. This is particularly so for non-technical personnel who struggle understanding engineering drawings. Everyone involved in a project can quickly see exactly what the design consists of without ever picking up a drawing. Models can be viewed in 3D either online or by emailing the model and using free viewing software.


Clashes and interferences between parts and assemblies are detected easily with a 3D model resulting in the final design being right first time. Automatic BOM creation removes human error when it comes to specifying parts and quantities. A truly integrated design can be achieved by considering all aspects such as electrical and hydraulic routing, resulting in a much higher quality and fully integrated finished product.


Design models are created parametrically meaning simple changes can be made quickly and easily. In contrast, during concept development models can be created without restraints or parameters so different ideas can be quickly generated and tested. Because the end client can see exactly what he is getting, approvals are quicker and changes late in the design process can be avoided.

At Eadon Consulting, nearly all design projects use 3D modelling with 2D CAD often being used to produce layout drawings. Our extensive fabrication experience is used to produce manufacturing drawings quickly and efficiently once the 3D model is complete and accepted by all parties.

For more information regarding our 3D Modelling and Draughting services or to discuss your 3D Modelling and Draughting requirements, please telephone 0114 399 0400 or email us.

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