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Aluminium Design

Aluminium is a lightweight material with excellent corrosion properties, which make it ideal for use in several of Eadon Consulting's key markets such as access equipment and specialist temporary works. Structures can be quickly built out of hand-portable elements that are capable of carrying substantial loads.

Eadon Consulting have experience designing Aluminium structures for a number of projects against the requirements of BS EN 1999 (the Eurocode for structural aluminium design). For all its advantages, the use of aluminium causes a number of unique challenges that complicate the design when compared to a steel structure:

  • When aluminium is welded, it loses a large proportion of its strength in the heat affected zone (HAZ). The design and verification of aluminium joints therefore requires careful consideration of the load path through the connection and the effect that the weakening in the HAZ may have on the capacity.
  • Aluminium members can be easily formed by extrusion, and complex cross sections are commonplace. Sections properties often need to be derived from scratch for complex shapes, and experience is needed to ensure that the design code is interpreted correctly for the type of section involved.

Eadon Consulting's understanding of the fundamentals of mechanical and structural engineering, finite element analysis capabilities and aluminium design experience are highly valuable in any project using this specialist material.

For more information regarding our aluminium design, access equipment design or finite element analysis services, or to discuss your aluminium structure requirements, please telephone , please telephone 0114 399 0400 or email us.

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