Engineering Design Consultants

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is at the heart of what Eadon Consulting do. We have extensive experience of delivering cost effective, reliable solutions across a wide range of sectors.

Concept development

From initial concepts to final implementation, we work in all aspects of design, analysis and development. Our expertise in the nuclear industry, moving structures and bespoke machinery facilitates a cross fertilisation of ideas from one sector to another, ensuring the most suitable design solution is developed for each specific project. Our broad experience enables all aspects including the structure, hydraulics, electrical and control systems, to be considered from the outset. This enables us to quickly identify and develop a viable, cost effective solution that integrates all aspects of the design.

With our experience of delivering projects through to the commissioning stage and working with machine operators, we are able to consider how the equipment will be controlled and operated, whilst ensuring the solution is safe, reliable and complies with the relevant legislation.

Each project is considered from a fresh perspective from which we then develop a practical and bespoke solution which fully meets our client's expectations and requirements.

Design Analysis and Verification

Once a concept has been developed, our design analysis and verification process will ensure that it is viable and will function as expected under various conditions and loadings. We use a combination of techniques from traditional hand calculations to sophisticated computer analysis. Key to everything that we do is safety and reliability. At all stages of the design process reviews are carried out to ensure that the design is both safe to build, install, maintain and eventually disassemble whilst also ensuring that high levels of reliability are achieved.

Modelling of design in 3D

Our in-house 3D modelling capability means that designs can be visualised in 3D, reducing the overall risk to the project by ensuring the design has been fully integrated before detailed manufacturing drawings are produced. We can produce detailed manufacturing drawings from which fabricators or machine workshops are able to produce the final product. This widens the choice of potential manufacturers for the client ensuring they are able to get the best value for money. Our experience of producing detailed manufacturing drawings also ensures that the designs developed are viable and cost effective for manufacture.

For more information regarding our mechanical design services or to discuss your design requirements, please telephone 0114 399 0400 or email us.

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