Engineering Design Consultants

Temporary Works

Temporary works is defined by BS 5975 as "parts of the works that allow or enable construction of, protect, support or provide access to, the permanent works and which might or might not remain in place at the completion of the works." Eadon Consulting are experienced in designing bespoke solutions for a range of applications including temporary works design. Our specialist knowledge in the integration of structures with mechanical, hydraulic and electrical elements allow us to evaluate the client's requirements and come up with the right solution, whether that is a simple structural system or something much more complex.

Examples of our temporary works experience include:

  • design of bespoke fixed and mobile bridge access gantries that facilitate access to awkward areas
  • bridge launching gantries and self launching gantries
  • design and erection sequencing of dropped object protections canopies
  • analysis calculations to prove suitability of temporary steel and aluminium modular space frame systems for under bridge access
  • design of bespoke mobile machinery to improve speed and safety of installation of large items.

We can provide a complete system solution including detailed manufacturing drawings, ensuring the design is feasible, viable to manufacture and that the product delivered fully meets the clients' requirements. By enabling clients to take advantage of competitive manufacture tender, a more cost effective solution can be attained.

For more information regarding our temporary works design, or to discuss your structural and mechanical design requirements, please telephone 0114 399 0400 or email us.

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