Engineering Design Consultants
2016 has seen the completion of a number of high profile projects here at Eadon. The year began with us signing off on a piece of bespoke handling equipment (MULE) which was used to transport and lay units used as part of a coastal defence project in Sandsend, North Yorkshire. Working alongside Balfour Beatty, Eadon were the mechanical and structural designers on the project and also developed the… Read More...
As in previous years 2016 has brought Eadon Consulting another year of growth and success. As well as the completion of many high profile projects the company has seen its staffing capabilities increase with the addition of 3 new design engineers. Our project efficiency has also been greatly aided by the recruitment of our document administrator who has streamed lined our project processes and has… Read More...
Dec 72016
Halley VI, the British Antarctic Survey’s award winning, international research station is getting ready to be moved 23km across the ice for the first time since it was originally transported after its construction in 2012. Eadon Director James Hill is proud to have worked on the stations hydraulic leg design and will be watching the continued progress of the world’s first relocatable research facility… Read More...
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