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As part of our on going series looking at what the Eadon team do out of hours, Mat talks through a recent excursion in his trusty Land Rover. From the age of 12 armed with my trusty steed (a rather tired but much loved Raleigh Activator) I would drag myself out of bed at 5:30am, ride the 7 miles to the nearest newsagent and then begin my rather hilly paper round before getting into school for a much… Read More...
We are pleased to announce that at the Institute of Structural Engineers' (IStructE) Yorkshire Awards 2017 we were awarded the Best Medium Structures by a Small Company award for the Sandsend Mule project.   The project involved the detailed design and CE marking of a bespoke machine used by Balfour Beatty to install costal defence revetments as part of the Sandsend costal defence project. The machine… Read More...
Oct 22017
As part of our ongoing series on what the Eadon team get up to out of hours David Price talks about his recent trip to the San Marino round of the MotoGP Championship: Being a keen motorcyclist and a big fan of motor sport, every year I take a motorcycling road trip with my brother and friends to the continent to catch a round of the premier motorcycling event, the MotoGP. This year we decided to… Read More...

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Oct 22017
We are pleased to announce that the Sandsend MULE project has been shortlisted for the ISturctE Yorkshire Awards. The IStructE Yorkshire Awards recognise projects that have been design, constructed or built in the Yorkshire region. In the case of the MULE project all three of those options have been met. The project involved the design of a piece of bespoke mechanical equipment which was designed… Read More...

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