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Out of Hours - Off road

As part of our on going series looking at what the Eadon team do out of hours, Mat talks through a recent excursion in his trusty Land Rover.

From the age of 12 armed with my trusty steed (a rather tired but much loved Raleigh Activator) I would drag myself out of bed at 5:30am, ride the 7 miles to the nearest newsagent and then begin my rather hilly paper round before getting into school for a much needed nap! By the end of the week I would collect my measly earnings and do so with the biggest of smiles whilst struggling to contain my excitement. 

The furthest field away from my parents farm house stood at 11 acres and was nick-named quite adequately by my brothers and I as ‘the Big Field’. Every weekend this field would play host to three lunatics rallying our latest and greatest scrap cars (most often Minis bought from the local scrap merchant) around the perimeter, swerving and dodging cows, fence posts and the lone tree squeezed in tightly at the top of the field forming the ‘Hairpin’. I would exhaust all my £7 earnt that week purchasing petrol from my Dad, only to do it all over again the following week when the tank ran dry.

Mat and his brothers sitting on their Minis

This love of vehicles and anything that moves is an affliction I still have to this day but I am fortunate enough not to be alone within the offices at Eadon. Will Birdsall and I share this affliction and it’s latest manifestation which comes in the form our beloved LandRover Discovery 1’s.

 After an IMechE tour of the Hope Cement Works Will had identified a 2.5 mile long green lane we would take on the way back to Sheffield and home. This would be a first for the both of us and following Will’s lead we soon found the start of the green lane. As Will jumped out to open the gate I mounted the works GoPros to the wing and roof of my D1 and then we both jumped back in to our respective driver’s seats. Co-ordinating via walkie-talkie we both engaged low ratio and diff-lock, more out of childish excitement than necessity, and started across the tops.

 Off roading

As the sun was setting we were treated to spectacular views as the Steel City drew closer encouraging us over the not so difficult and well maintained terrain. The wheels of our Discoveries turned and articulated over the rocks and sand as we passed through the final gate and dropped down onto a recently re-tarmacked road which now felt even smoother than it had previously. We had made it.

 Off roading 2

This has definitely given us an appetite for green laning and we will keep you posted as we look to tackle some more challenging routes in the future.

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