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The Riversdale Swing Bridge project has taken a step closer to completion. Some of the main mechanical pieces of equipment have been fabricated and are awaiting the application of the surface protection system.  Eadon were appointed by Movetech UK to carry out the design of the mechanical equipment associated with a counter weight lifting mechanism, the tail wheels and track and the horizontal bearings… Read More...

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Jul 52010
Engineering design consultancy Eadon Consulting has announced the appointment of Ian Hylands as the company’s new senior engineer. Ian joins Eadon from Atkins, where he was an engineering consultant within its nuclear group, following three years at MG Bennett & Associates. Ian studied engineering at Cambridge University, and has extensive experience in horizontal directional drilling and structural… Read More...

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Eadon are pleased to confirm the recent news that HOCHTIEF UK have been successful with their tender for the construction of the Twin Sails Bridge, Poole, Dorset. The Twin Sails project involves the construction of a second bridge in Poole Harbour, the crossing will have a moving section in the form of two bascule (lifting) spans in the middle to allow for the passage of boats. The suggestion of a… Read More...

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Apr 72010
The end of March saw the first of four gantries being installed and the commencement of the wrapping works for the Humber Bridge Main Cable Dehumidification Project. Eadon Consulting are responsible for the mechanical and structural design of the gantries working for the main contractor, The Spencer Group. The first gantry is being used to wrap and seal several low level sections of cable at mid span… Read More...

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Apr 12010
The new swing bridge has opened up a stretch of the Sankey canal to boats for the first time in 40 years This week saw the opening of the new Carter House accommodation bridge by the Mayor of Halton Borough Council. The replacement of the existing fixed timber bridge with the new swing bridge has meant that for the first time in over forty years a half mile stretch of the Sankey Canal near Widness… Read More...

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Tidal and offshore wind have been targeted by the government as being critical to assist the UK with its commitment to a low carbon economy, with Gordon Brown stating “Our policies in support of offshore wind energy have already put us ahead of every other country in the world, the offshore wind industry is at the heart of the UK economy’s shift to low carbon”. As part of Eadon’s ongoing commitment… Read More...

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Eadon Consulting has recently teamed up with The Spencer Group who have won a prestigious contract to install the dehumidification system to the main cables of the Humber Bridge. Eadon will be supplying the designs for the high level access gantries which are movable structures that form a working platform enabling the bulk of the dehumidification system work to be completed. This involves sealing… Read More...

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Feb 42010
After being out of commission for approximately 4 months, the Bristol Dock Junction Lock Swing Bridge refurbishment project took a significant step forward last weekend. Operating the systems manual hydraulic controls, the bridge was successfully slewed across the lock in creep speed for the first time since last October. Eadon Consulting, working as sub-consultant for Atkins, designed the new mechanical… Read More...

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Jan 42010
William Birdsall joins Eadon from Babcock International Group, where he was a Mechanical Engineer within its nuclear division. Prior to this Will worked for The Engineering Business Ltd, where he was involved in the design of offshore handling systems. Will studied mechanical engineering at Loughborough University, and throughout his career has been involved with the design of equipment for remote… Read More...

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Eadon Consulting recently attended a workshop to get up to speed on the new rules Many people still aren't aware that the new Machinery Directive becomes applicable on the 29th December 2009. Eadon Consulting recently attended a workshop with the Health and Safety Laboratory at Buxton in Derbyshire to get up to speed on the new rules. The revised Machinery Directive now designated 2006/42/EC does… Read More...

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