Engineering Design Consultants

Eadon Consulting were approached in February 2017 by HTC Wolffkran to design brackets for their Tower Crane Accessories to affix to their fleet of Tower Cranes anywhere on the British Mainland. These accessories included Aircraft Warning Lights (AWL’s), Anemometers, Floodlights and Illuminated Signs

The project consisted producing drawings and calculations for the brackets and included CAT II check on the design as required by the Construction Plant-hire Association guidelines, TIN 043, for the Design and Design Checking of Attachment Brackets for Tower Crane Accessories.

Although there are only 3 variations of AWL’s, due to the different configurations in which they are mounted drawings were produced for 15 differing assemblies as well as part drawings for individual components. Similarly, there were also differing configurations for the Illuminated Signs and Anemometers.

All equipment was designed to be located at the maximum height that it would see in service, as well the at the maximum wind speed (36m/s) in the UK as per BS EN 13001 Cranes – General Design, to which all components and assemblies were designed.

Eadon Consulting are continuing to work with HTC Wolffkran in a similar way with a number of additional accessories used by Wolffkran to support their clients needs.