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Humber Bridge Main Cable Inspection

In 2009, invasive inspections were conducted on the Humber Bridge main cables. The bridge, for many years the longest of its type in the world, was officially opened in 1981 making it relatively new compared to the Forth and Severn bridges.

The main cable consists of approximately 15,000 individual strands of high tensile wire, compacted and tightly wrapped in a 5mm wire strand. The inspection of the cable took place in eight discrete locations, four on each cable. This involved removing the 5mm wire and driving wedges in between the cable strands to split them sufficiently to gain visual access right at the core of the cable. Any broken wires were re-spliced before the cable was compacted and re-wrapped with the 5mm wire.

Five of the eight inspection points were at high level and one of these was right at the top of the south tower. Several steelwork working platforms were designed to be hoisted from deck level up to the main cable and then secured against potential wind gusts at the tower top of up to 120mph. The platforms were 26m long, weighing approximately 14 tonnes.

Eadon Consulting's involvement in the project was to perform a Category 3 check of the high level steel platforms and their support systems for The Spencer Group.

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Key Facts
  • Location:
    Humber Estuary, near Hull
  • Client:
    The Humber Bridge Board