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M G Bennett and Associates have over 20 years experience designing tunnelling machinery. Whilst employed by Bennetts, David Price worked on the design of two backups for tunnel boring machines (TBM), one to service a 10m hard rock TBM and the other for a 6m EPB TBM. He was involved in the detailed design and analysis of the backups, as well as the project management of the production of hundreds of manufacturing drawings.

The Backups for two tunnel boring machines (TBM's) were designed in order to service a 10m Hard Rock TBM and a 6m EPB TBM.

The TBM Backup is a mobile 'factory' which can be up to 100m long. It is towed along by the TBM in order to provide the numerous services required by the machine and its operators. The Backup consists of steelwork gantries and equipment weighing up to approximately 900 tonnes, which run on steel rails laid at the front of the Backup.

The Backup serves the following functions:

  • Laying of HV electrical cable, up to 3m diameter ventilation duct, potable, cooling and waste water services, and material conveyors along the tunnel wall.
  • Laying of steel rails for the Backup and tunnel locomotives to run on.
  • Handling facilities for the tunnel lining ring segments.
  • Primary and secondary pea gravel and grouting facilities to assist in ring installation.
  • Provide hydraulic and electrical power and control to the TBM.
  • Provide water pumping and processing facilities for drinking, cooling and waste removal.
  • Provide compressed air for grouting machines and hand tools.
  • Provide welfare facilities, emergency refuge facilities, workshop and office accommodation.

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