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Copenhagen Swing Bridge

In 2015 Eadon Consulting were invited to be part of a team entering an architectural competition to design a new movable bridge across Copenhagen harbour. The design subsequently won.

Together with Buro Happold, Wilkinson Eyre and Niras, Eadon produced the outline design of the operating equipment which allowed the architectural vision to be realised whilst also ensuring that the operating equipment, used to control the 2 central moving decks, is reliable and maintainable. 

A key area of innovation was the moment connection at the joint between the two moving spans. The connection allows the structure to be kept very shallow – true to the architect’s vision – whilst also allowing the bridge to thermally expand and contract. Our Engineers developed a system which that utilises a pair of hydraulic cylinders located in the two main structural beams. One cylinder provides a compressive force and the other a tensile force. Together they push and pull on the ends of the spans to transfer the compressive and tensile forces that occur as live load is applied.

The two moving spans are mounted on large diameter slewing bearings which have integral teeth. These teeth engage with pinions, driven by electrical motor gearbox units, resulting in the span rotation.

Copenhagen has many opening bridges due to its low lying nature and its active waterways. The new pedestrian and cycle bridge will be located next to the existing and iconic Langebro road bridge. The new double swing bridge will provide connection for pedestrians and cyclists between the two misaligned axes of Voldgade and Langebrogade. 

Construction on the bridge started in spring 2017 and is due to be completed in 2018.

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Key Facts
  • Location:
    Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Working With:
    Buro Happold, Wilkinson Eyre, Niras