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Merchant Square Bridge

Merchant Square Bridge is an award winning opening bridge at Paddington Basin. Built as part of the Paddington Waterside development, the bridge forms part of a premier commercial, residential and leisure quarter in the heart of the City of Westminster.

Eadon first became involved in the project when they were approached to take part in a design completion in early 2012. Although there was an existing bridge in the location it did not fit with the master plan of the new development, and so working with Knight Architects and AKTII, a design was submitted as part of a design competition and was subsequently successful.

Work on the project began in the summer of 2012, and Eadon were tasked with producing the detailed mechanical design supported by exemplar electrical and hydraulic specifications. The bridge, which is one of several unique bridges along the same stretch of the Grand Union canal, consists of 5 separate beams. When raised each beam moves at a slightly different speed, meaning that the opening motion is similar to that of Japanese fan.

Beneath each deck is a hydraulic cylinder which is responsible for raising the 26m long fingers to between 16 and 67 degrees. Whilst the external appearance and dimensions of the cylinders are the same, the stroke of each cylinder is limited to give the splayed appearance of the decks in the raised position. To reduce the load on the hydraulic cylinders a sculptural counter weight is located above and behind each of the pivots. These form an area of interest when the bridge is down and a flat surface when in the  raised position.

The bridge officially opened in September 2014 and has generated global design recognition.

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Key Facts
  • Location:
    Paddington, London
  • Client:
    European Land
  • Working With:
    Knight Architects, AKT II