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Selby Swing Bridge

Selby Swing Bridge has recently undergone an extensive structural refurbishment as part of Network Rail's programme of upgrade works. Initially prompted by inconsistencies with the bridges rotating span, Eadon Consulting were approached by Pell Frischmann to develop an understanding of the issues which were leading to fundamental impediments to the bridge’s function.

Built in 1889, the five span structure which carries the main railway line between Selby and Hull, incorporates a swinging section which moves through 90 degrees to allow river traffic to pass along the River Ouse. Although the span was still functional it was not always retuning to its original position, resulting in the lines becoming misaligned and potentially delaying the passage of trains.

Beginning an analysis process to comprehend the causes of the misalignment, Eadon analysed data provided by Datum Monitoring. Looking at various recorded dimensions and other variables throughout the bridge Datum Monitoring’s web portal allowed Eadon to continually access the results of the data in near to real time. This provided them with the chance to observe the swings which were problematic and better understand the movement of the bridge.

In addition to the on screen analysis, Eadon Consulting’s engineers also attended numerous site visits which allowed them to witness the movement of the bridge first hand. The application of these different approaches combined with Eadon’s wide moving bridge knowledge lead to engineers identifying several potential issues and subsequently enabled them to advise the client in planning out future works and probable risks.

In conjunction with the analysis work on the alignment of the bridge a Category 3 (Cat 3) design check on the mechanical elements of the bridge was also carried out as part of the refurbishment works for the main structure.

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