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Cathedral Green Footbridge

The mechanical design of Cathedral Green footbridge in Derby was completed by M G Bennett and Associates Ltd. Whilst employed by Bennetts, David Price was responsible for the detailed mechanical design of the swing mechanism for the bridge, specification of the hydraulic and electrical works as well as supervision of the manufacture and installation.

As part of the regeneration of the Cathedral Green area in Derby, a design competition was held to conceive an aesthetically pleasing new footbridge crossing the River Derwent. The purpose of the new footbridge would be to link new development sites on the north bank of the river with the City Centre.

The bridge lies in the flood zone of the river and is required to open during fluvial floods so as not to restrict the flow of the river. The design of the bridge is unconventional in that it has a 38° kink in plan making it unbalanced about the pintle. This meant that entirely new concepts had to be developed for the design of all the mechanical equipment.

A particular innovation on this project is the bridge support system. The bridge swings utilising a pintle bearing that is always in uplift and a very large central wheel which supports the whole weight of the bridge. The tail of the bridge is held down using a wheel rather than kentledge as with traditional swing bridges.

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