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High Orchard Lift Bridge

The exemplar mechanical, electrical, control and hydraulic design and specification of the High Orchard bridge was carried out by M G Bennett and Associates Ltd. Whilst employed by Bennetts, Michael Thorogood was responsible for the detailed exemplar design and specification of the mechanical, electrical, control and hydraulic elements. During the construction of the bridge he was the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic consultant on behalf of the client - English Partnerships.

As part of the redevelopment of Gloucester Quays, a road bridge was required to provide a link across the canal to improve access around the area. The detailed design of the deck was carried out by WYG Engineering and the architect was Ron Weeks. The bridge was officially opened on the 24th November 2008.

The contemporary styled bascule bridge is lifted though 69 degrees to allow for the passage of vessels. The deck is lifted by two hydraulic rams. In the lowered position, a locking mechanism located at the tail secure the deck.

The bridge is 28m long and approximately 16m wide. The deck weighs approximately 200 tonnes and there is an additional 100 tonnes of counter-weight located behind the pivot in the tail section of the bridge.

In order to limit the load applied to the deck when it deforms under traffic loading, the hydraulic system was designed with a set of reservoirs to allow excess oil to flow from the lifting rams into the temporary storage containers close to the rams. This provides a system that is both quick to respond to the deflection and also safe during the lifting of the bridge.

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Key Facts
  • Location:
    Goucester Quays
  • Client:
    English Partnerships