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New Islington Bascule Bridge

As part of a new residential development in the New Islington area of Manchester, a new marina basin was created within the development, which linked directly to the Ashton Canal. A single leaf bascule bridge was installed over the entrance to the marina to allow pedestrians to continue to walk along the canal.

The bridge was designed by Bennett Associates and manufactured by Mandall Engineering Ltd. Michael Thorogood carried out the detailed design and site commissioning whilst at Bennetts and David Price project managed its manufacture and installation on site whilst working at Mandall.

The bridge deck is attached by tie bars to a pivoting frame which sits on top of a pair of A frames. The deck is lifted using hydraulic motors, which drive a pair of pinion gears on curved, toothed racks attached to the pivoting frame. The lifting mechanism is assisted by a concrete filled counterweight tube.

The bascule bridge is operated by canal users from a pedestal using a standard British Waterways Watermate Key. To prevent pedestrian access during bridge operation gates are installed at each end of the bridge, which are interlocked with the bridge operation.

This project combines experience of the detailed design aspects with knowledge that can only be gained through practical experience of manufacture and commissioning on site.

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Key Facts
  • Location:
    New Islington, Machester