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The Princess Royal Footbridge

The new pedestrian footbridge over the Stainforth and Keadby Canal is located on South Parade, close to the site of the old swing bridge, which was demolished in the 1960's following construction of the adjacent flyover. The narrow steep footways and carriageways of the flyover have been a constant source of frustration and possible danger for pedestrians, and cyclists ever since.

The new footbridge allows all pedestrians, cyclists etc. easy access to and from Thorne and local recreational facilities. As well as forming a healthy walking/cycling route, the footbridge has provided an environmentally friendly solution by reducing the need for short car journeys. This is proving extremely popular with residents.

The bridge's installation as well as its hydraulic and electrical works were project managed by David Price whilst employed by Mandall Engineering Ltd.

In order for the route to be as level as possible the bridge swings to allow the many leisure boats using the canal to pass through.

The main structure of the bridge comprises a deck spanning 10 metres between a pivot pier on the north bank and fixed pier on the south. The deck is extended past the pivot 6 metres to meet the existing roadway. The deck is supported by cross members, which are cantilevered from a single longitudinal tubular beam. A counterbalance weight is mounted on the opposite side of the main beam from the deck, and corrects the balance of the bridge for both the deck offset and the extension of the deck over the canal.

In all positions, the deck is supported centrally by means of a spherical bearing housed within the vertical tubular which intersects the main beam.

The deck is slewed by a single hydraulic cylinder acting between attachment points on the bridge beam and the pintle base. The deck is latched in the road open position by a second hydraulic cylinder and mechanism mounted under the north end of the deck. This mechanism also provides final alignment of the deck to the road, and acts as an energy absorption system if the bridge is accidentally impacted by a canal vessel, preventing structural damage to the bridge.

The swing bridge was officially opened by Princess Anne in October 2005. The bridge was commended in the BURA/The Waterways Trust Renaissance Awards 2006.

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Key Facts
  • Location:
    Thorne, South Yorkshire
  • Client:
    British Waterways