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Dog in a Doublet Sluice Inspection

The Dog in a Doublet Sluice is the tidal limit of the River Nene. The structure is over 70 years old and consists of two 9m wide by 6m high guillotine type sluice gates as well as a lock and a fish pass.

The sluice gates allow the upstream water level to be maintained by allowing fluvial flow to discharge during low tides, and at high tides protecting the upstream area from flooding. The lower part of each sluice gate is permanently submerged and consequently had not received any maintenance in the past. The north gate, which is used most frequently, had started to jam at times during operation and thus a dry inspection of the gate was necessary to establish the cause and formulate the best course of action.

To carry out the inspection, it was necessary to design and fit stop logs in to the existing civil structure. David Price designed the stop logs as well as project managing the manufacture and installation on site. As no drawings of the site were in known existence, an underwater survey was arranged to establish the dimensions and surface condition of the stop log grooves. With the stop logs in place, the cofferdam created was pumped dry and the inspection carried out. Once complete David then produced the inspection report for the sluice gates.

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Key Facts
  • Location:
    The River Nene, near Peterborough