Eadon Consulting is an engineering business with expertise in design and analysis.  Working across multiple sectors, we have a depth and breadth of knowledge enabling us to solve problems and innovate.

We develop and support successful relationships with our clients through collaboration and being honest, flexible and responsive in our approach.  Delivering pioneering projects as well as peace of mind has earned us a reputation we are proud of. Our high standards and passion are valued by our clients and core to all that we do.

Our projects range from concept design and initial ideas right through to producing detail manufacturing drawings. We continue to support our clients through the delivery and commissioning. This gives us a unique insight and ability to deliver complete solutions.

We enjoy working on projects as diverse as small mechanical equipment through to large unique structures.  Our work covers a broad range of mechanical and structural engineering and brings these disciplines together in award winning ways.

The variety of work and the challenging projects that we deliver is accomplished by close collaboration with our clients and project partners. These include consultants, contractors, architects and OEMs, tailoring our services to suit their size and needs.

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Engineering Services

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Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is at the heart of what Eadon Consulting do. We have extensive experience of delivering cost effective, reliable solutions across a wide range of sectors.
Humber cable crawler platform

Structural Design

Eadon Consulting's expertise includes designing both simple and complex structures that are either fixed or integrated with moving elements, such as moving bridges, buildings and access gantries.

Piping & Pressure Vessels

Eadon Consulting are able to offer mechanical piping design and pressure vessel design services. In addition, our structural design capability means that we can design or assess supporting steelwork, integrating it into the pipework model and producing detailed drawings for manufacture.
Finite element analysis


Eadon Consulting’s analysis capability is used to support our own internal design work as well as to support the design work of others and to substantiate existing equipment. In addition to standard static finite element analysis we can also carry out complex and non-linear studies including seismic, dynamic, transient, thermal, time history & blast analysis.
Working on the Humber cable crawler

Failure Investigation, Manufacturing Support & Specialist Services

When things have failed or are not working as expected, they typically need resolving in a timely and cost effective manner. With our experience across a wide range of sectors, we are able to bring to bear a large knowledgebase to help resolve situations.
piping analysis computer analysis

Category 3 Checking and Independent verification

We have a wide range of experience of performing category 3 (Cat III) or 3rd party checks for mechanical and structural equipment, as well as independent design verifications for investors. A category 3 check is usually required on moving bridges, highway structures and is often compulsory on a large range of equipment in the nuclear and offshore industries for devices such as cranes, lifting beams and bearings.

Investigation, manufacturing support & specialist services

Independent site inspections are regularly required to assess the condition of a piece of plant or equipment which may be in a poor condition. Increasingly clients are required to have annual independent inspections to certify equipment for insurance purposes.


“Combining innovation with their world leading experience of moving bridges, Eadon were an integral part of how this cultural landmark was achieved within a highly demanding budget and programme.”

Sam White - Director
 Knight Architects
Sam White - Director<br/>

“From tender through to design submission, Eadon’s contribution on this flagship Environment Agency project was invaluable. I would recommend Eadon to any prospective Client.”

Jim Gelder
 Mott MacDonald
Jim Gelder<br/>

“I was, as always, more than happy with the service provided and this is the view held by the other team members who worked on the contract.”

Jim Mawson
 Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd
Jim Mawson <br/>

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In the news

We’re excited to announce that Eadon has secured a position as a supplier on Lot 1 (Mechanical Engineering) of the UKAEA multi-supplier Engineering Design Services Framework. The Framework, valued at up to £9m, is crucial for developing commercial fusion energy. It includes nine companies and builds on four years of successful engineering and design projects. Our expertise in the nuclear industry, coupled with our extensive experience in handling hazardous environments, positions us perfectly to add significant value to the fusion market. As an SME, being included in this framework is a major milestone for us. It will allow us to progress our sustainable growth plan, invest in our team, extend our capabilities and set us up for long-term success in an evolving landscape. “We already have a proven track record of collaboration, demonstrated through initiatives such as Sellafield’s Enabling Innovation Framework” says Eadon Director, Jim Hill. “Bringing this core value with us, we aim to drive innovation forward by actively pursuing collaborative opportunities within the framework. “This is an exceptional opportunity to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future and we are looking forward to working with UKAEA on their future programs within this groundbreaking sector.” Colette Broadwith, […]

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Gull Wing BridgeSignificant progress is being made on the Gull Wing Bridge project in Lowestoft. After the largest section was successfully lifted into place and rotated to the open position, the project has now moved well into the testing and commissioning phase. The bridge is already operating multiple times a day to let vessels through.   The £145 million project is being delivered by Suffolk County Council  and built by Farrans Construction. The last section of the bridge, the bascule span, arrived from Belgium on 4th March and was installed successfully on the 9th. Impressively, this is one of the world’s largest hydraulically lifted, rolling bascule bridges. Eadon is proud to have played a crucial role in the project by providing the lead bridge designers, Arup, with the exemplar design for the operating equipment. Eadon’s involvement has continued through the provision of assistance to Suffolk County Council during the construction stage. Recently we visited the site to do a visual inspection of the bridge and more specifically, operating equipment, prior to the lifting deck being installed into position.  Following a process similar to the Te Matau a Pohe in New Zealand, another rolling bascule bridge we contributed to, the iconic Gull […]

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Eadon are pleased to have successfully completed a Category III check of a new storm rigging system for two underdeck gantries on the Avonmouth Bridge in Bristol. The C1 and C6 gantries on the Avonmouth Bridge are made of aluminum alloy frames and are suspended from steel runway beams which are fixed to the bridge’s cantilevered deck sections. The proposed storm rigging design entails fixing a series of anchor brackets to the existing aluminum gantry structure. Flexible, adjustable slings will connect to the anchor brackets, with their other ends attaching to temporary brackets on the bridge when the gantries are parked after use. We carried out the check of the storm rigging design in accordance with the safety standards outlined in BS EN 1808:2015: Safety requirements for suspended access equipment – Design calculations, stability criteria, construction – Examinations and tests. We have extensive experience conducting category III and third-party checks for mechanical and structural equipment. Click here to find out more about our capabilities in this area.  

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April is Stress Awareness Month. First launched in 1992, the campaign aims to increase understanding of the factors that contribute to stress, promote solutions, and reduce the stigma that surrounds stress and mental health. At Eadon, we actively try to mitigate stress for our employees. We understand that traditional office-based routines may not always align with the needs and preferences of our employees so we have embraced hybrid working.  Hybrid working can help reduce stress in a number of ways: Less Commuting: Bad weather, traffic jams or delayed public transport can make getting to and from the office stressful. Less commuting equals less stress. It also saves us time at the start and end of our working days which helps us keep a better work-life balance. Greater Flexibility: It offers us the flexibility to balance work and personal commitments such as school runs, medical appointments or exercise more effectively. This helps to relieve the pressure of tight schedules and allows us to navigate our days more efficiently and smoothly.  Increased Autonomy: Granting greater autonomy makes us feel more empowered. We feel more in control of our work schedules and our time in general, which, in turn, helps us feel less […]

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