Eadon Consulting is an engineering business with expertise in design and analysis.  Working across multiple sectors, we have a depth and breadth of knowledge enabling us to solve problems and innovate.

We develop and support successful relationships with our clients through collaboration and being honest, flexible and responsive in our approach.  Delivering pioneering projects as well as peace of mind has earned us a reputation we are proud of. Our high standards and passion are valued by our clients and core to all that we do.

Our projects range from concept design and initial ideas right through to producing detail manufacturing drawings. We continue to support our clients through the delivery and commissioning. This gives us a unique insight and ability to deliver complete solutions.

We enjoy working on projects as diverse as small mechanical equipment through to large unique structures.  Our work covers a broad range of mechanical and structural engineering and brings these disciplines together in award winning ways.

The variety of work and the challenging projects that we deliver is accomplished by close collaboration with our clients and project partners. These include consultants, contractors, architects and OEMs, tailoring our services to suit their size and needs.


Engineering Services

Lille Langebro moment connection

Mechanical Design

Mechanical design is at the heart of what Eadon Consulting do. We have extensive experience of delivering cost effective, reliable solutions across a wide range of sectors.
Humber cable crawler platform

Structural Design

Eadon Consulting's expertise includes designing both simple and complex structures that are either fixed or integrated with moving elements, such as moving bridges, buildings and access gantries.

Piping & Pressure Vessels

Eadon Consulting are able to offer mechanical piping design and pressure vessel design services. In addition, our structural design capability means that we can design or assess supporting steelwork, integrating it into the pipework model and producing detailed drawings for manufacture.
Finite element analysis


Eadon Consulting’s analysis capability is used to support our own internal design work as well as to support the design work of others and to substantiate existing equipment. In addition to standard static finite element analysis we can also carry out complex and non-linear studies including seismic, dynamic, transient, thermal, time history & blast analysis.
Working on the Humber cable crawler

Failure Investigation, Manufacturing Support & Specialist Services

When things have failed or are not working as expected, they typically need resolving in a timely and cost effective manner. With our experience across a wide range of sectors, we are able to bring to bear a large knowledgebase to help resolve situations.
piping analysis computer analysis

Category 3 Checking and Independent verification

We have a wide range of experience of performing category 3 (Cat III) or 3rd party checks for mechanical and structural equipment, as well as independent design verifications for investors. A category 3 check is usually required on moving bridges, highway structures and is often compulsory on a large range of equipment in the nuclear and offshore industries for devices such as cranes, lifting beams and bearings.

Investigation, manufacturing support & specialist services

Independent site inspections are regularly required to assess the condition of a piece of plant or equipment which may be in a poor condition. Increasingly clients are required to have annual independent inspections to certify equipment for insurance purposes.


“Combining innovation with their world leading experience of moving bridges, Eadon were an integral part of how this cultural landmark was achieved within a highly demanding budget and programme.”

Sam White - Director
 Knight Architects
Sam White - Director<br/>

“From tender through to design submission, Eadon’s contribution on this flagship Environment Agency project was invaluable. I would recommend Eadon to any prospective Client.”

Jim Gelder
 Mott MacDonald
Jim Gelder<br/>

“I was, as always, more than happy with the service provided and this is the view held by the other team members who worked on the contract.”

Jim Mawson
 Cleveland Bridge UK Ltd
Jim Mawson <br/>

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In the news

Eadon is pleased to have recently contributed to an ambitious initiative which aims to transform Liverpool’s waterfront. The £75m Waterfront Transformation Project is a 10-year plan led by National Museums Liverpool (NML) to enhance the city’s waterfront areas spanning from the Royal Albert Dock to Mann Island. The Canning Dock area is a key focus of the project. Here, the aim is to uncover the historical significance of Canning quaysides and dry docks, better connecting them with the International Slavery Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the Museum of Liverpool. Eadon played a crucial role in supporting Architects Asif Khan Studio and Structural Engineers AKTII with the mechanical design of a new lifting footbridge. The bridge will reinstate the pedestrian crossing across Canning Half Tide Dock, linking the graving docks with the wider waterfront area. It is a twin-span lift bridge, designed to accommodate the occasional tall ship entering the dock, whilst enabling regular canal traffic to pass underneath when closed. This connection will enhance accessibility and create a seamless experience for visitors. Eadon Senior Engineer, David Kinnear says “It’s been great to participate in a project that not only conveys a significant message but also celebrates naval facilities, all while […]

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Last week, James Hill and Andrew Fowler took part in the Waste Management (WM) Symposia international conference in Arizona, Phoenix. The event, which drew 3300 attendees, served as a platform to showcase their innovative research and development efforts undertaken over the past year. This included the Capsa Solutions waste container and Eadon’s creation of ‘REACH’ – a Long Reach Modular Robotic Deployment System designed for accessing Through Wall and Vertical Access Ports. “Our talks were successful with some good interest and plenty of questions following them,” said Andrew. “I also had the opportunity to go to some technical discussions to learn more about what’s going on in other areas of waste management across the globe. It was great hearing talks about geological disposal and I also found the ones by Nuclear Transport Services and the containers they’re developing particularly interesting.” After the success of this year we’re already looking ahead to WM Symposia 2025 when the focus will be on how IT, AI and the digital world can transform the nuclear industry.

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Eadon is delighted to have donated a laptop which will be used to aid a charity well drilling project in Africa. The donation was facilitated through the Yorkshire based charity, Jacob’s Well Appeal. Their mission is to change the lives of many of the poorest people in the world by offering vital support in areas such as education, agriculture, and healthcare. Eadon’s placement student, Matt Smith, has volunteered his time over the past few years to support the charity’s project to restore a well drilling rig. The rig has since been dispatched to Bobo-Dioulasso in Burkina Faso to facilitate the drilling of a much-needed well for a school in need.  John Beynon from Jacob’s Well Foundation kindly wrote to thank us for the donation. He said “The computer will be used to aid the well drilling project and also for other educational purposes by the school there.  “Gifts of equipment make a significant, long-term difference to partners in poor countries like Burkina Faso where development is often hampered by poor or out-of-date equipment.” At Eadon, we believe that every contribution, no matter how small, has the power to create positive change. We see this donation as another step forward in […]

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For centuries, engineering has been the driving force that shapes the world we live in. From the smart speakers in our homes to the cars we drive, the bridges we travel across and the hidden network of pipes and wires beneath our feet  – engineering is woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. Today (March 4th), we are celebrating World Engineering Day, recognising and honouring the valuable contributions engineers make to society. We asked our team which famous engineers have inspired them. Here were some of their favourites: Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Perhaps best remembered for designing the Clifton Suspension Bridge in 1830, an engineering marvel that still stands today. He also played a pivotal role in developing railway and shipping networks, revolutionising the movement of people and goods both nationally and internationally. Archimedes: An ancient Greek mathematician, physicist, and engineer, Archimedes, was famous for his principle that the mass of a body submerged in water is equal to the mass of the water displaced. He also invented one of the earliest hydraulic machines, the Archimedes’ screw,, which is still used today for raising water between levels. Ruth Amos: An inventor and engineer from Sheffield, at just age 16, Ruth […]

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