Eadon Consulting’s analysis capability is used to support our own internal design work as well as to support the design work of others and to substantiate existing equipment. In addition to standard static computational analysis we also specialise in more complex and non-linear studies including seismic, dynamic, transient, thermal, time history and blast analysis.

In all instances we work from first principles to ensure that the set up of the model, its loading and constraints are correctly applied. Hand calculations are used to assess the validity of the results and these are compared with the computational output.

The skill of our analysists is not to create a colourful image but to provide the reporting, interpretation and optimisation in a collaborative way to get the best possible outcome for the project.
Understanding a problem from first principles is at the heart of what we do, and a lot of projects start with some simple calculations to get a feel for what is needed.

Our FEA expertise includes the modal and response spectrum analysis of high integrity nuclear cranes, simple structural analysis of offshore lifting frames, and the dynamic and fatigue analysis of structures. We have a number of different software packages and techniques available to use, from basic hand calculations, through to complete finite element analysis models using ANSYS. This enables us to tailor our services and offer a cost effective solution.

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