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Category 3 Checking and Independent verification

We have a wide range of experience of performing category 3 (Cat III) or 3rd party checks for mechanical and structural equipment, as well as independent design verifications for investors. A category 3 check is usually required on moving bridges, highway and Network Rail structures and is often compulsory on a large range of equipment in the nuclear and offshore industries for devices such as cranes, lifting beams and bearings.

A Cat III check involves taking the final detail design drawings and functional specification, and developing our own load cases, calculations and analyses. By utilising a totally independent party to carry out a check allows the client to be confident that the design is suitable for its intended purpose, and also viable for manufacture. Based on this check, we also advise of any modifications that may need to be made to the design.

The wide range of mechanical and structural engineering knowledge and experience that has been built up during design projects has been used to provide expert witness, independent verification and category III checking of a wide variety of projects including bridge and acoustic bearings, lifting devices, moving bridges, waterway control structures and cranes.

Whilst some clients use our services to comply with requirements such as  DMRB BD2/12 others use us to provide verification and substantiation for their own peace of mind or to support their own internal design teams.  In all instances we use our knowledge to work with you in a collaborative way and where necessary help find solutions to any issues that we find.

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