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Investigation, manufacturing support & specialist services

In addition to our design and analysis services we can also assist once the project moves off the calculation pad, computer screen or drawing and into the real world. Our range of services include being your eyes and ears at factory and site acceptance and witness testing, inspection and reporting on the condition of equipment out in the field, and investigating technical problems when things don’t go to plan.

We can act as the Client’s representative during the construction and fabrication stage of a project, attend factory and site testing as the project elements come together and ensure during commissioning that the final design functions and performs as per the design requirements. We are able to assist with the design of equipment in accordance with the Machineries Directive (2006/42/EC), ready for CE marking, or with the declaration of conformity/incorporation for equipment designed against the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008, enabling us to UKCA mark equipment to be sold into the UK market.

Examples of our previous work include the witnessing of load testing of access gantries (for compliance with LOLER requirements), attendance at Client acceptance tests for moving bridges, offshore equipment and water control structures (lock gates etc). We have CE marked various types of machine and moving structure for the construction, power generation and infrastructure sectors.

Sometimes, even with everyone’s best intentions and hard work, things don’t go to plan once the project is built. We offer expert witness and independent review of built projects and are able to assess the likely cause of the problem and, where necessary, advise on possible solutions to get things back on track.

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