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2018: What a year it has been!


As 2018 draws to a close we’ve been reflecting back on some of the great projects we’ve been fortunate to work on and some of the other enjoyable moments from the year.

Several new moving bridge projects got under way. The design for the new lift bridge in Bermuda was revealed to the public, this is a project that will progress through the detailed design stage during 2019.

Other bridge projects completed construction and commissioning: The Birkenhead rolling bascule and the Montgomery Street lift bridge at Canary Wharf both started their long lives opening for boats.

In the nuclear sector we won commissions for several innovative projects including the Post Operational Clean Out (POCO) competition to develop a new system for access and inspection prior to decontamination and decommissioning.

Our work on the UKs largest vertical sector gates continues at the Boston Barrier, helping the contractor with this critical infrastructure.

Our work in other sectors was also strong, including the design of bespoke machinery for the process sector and architecturally stunning moving structures in both the UK and further afield.

As ever we’ve been taking every opportunity to explore the engineering world around us with several of the Eadon team aiming to get as far off the ground as possible (this year’s winners are Dave and Simon who got to climb the cable on the Forth Crossing)

The Eadon team have been developing as a group and as individuals, several have become Chartered or done training to increase our technical capability and offer wider and stronger support to our clients on aspects such as fracture mechanics and Machinery Directive compliance and CE marking. Others have spoken at some of the conferences, seminars and working groups that we support to progress the engineering profession and pass our knowledge onto the next generations of engineers.

We’ve also been out and about and in recent weeks celebrated our 10th anniversary with a trip to the Crystal Maze.

And finally, we started our Christmas and end of year celebrations with the fuddle (or for those of you not from Yorkshire: bring and share/ buffet!) and obligatory Secret Santa.

All that is left to say for now is a big Thank You to all of our clients, the Eadon team, those that support us with our development and everyone else that has contributed to another enjoyable and rewarding year. Have a great Christmas and an excellent 2019!

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