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Bristol Junction Lock Swing Bridge First Swing


After being out of commission for approximately 4 months, the Bristol Dock Junction Lock Swing Bridge refurbishment project took a significant step forward last weekend. Operating the systems manual hydraulic controls, the bridge was successfully slewed across the lock in creep speed for the first time since last October.

Eadon Consulting, working as sub-consultant for Atkins, designed the new mechanical operating equipment and bearings.

As a testament to modern equipment and bearing materials the maximum pressure to move the bridge on the still winters day was recorded at 7 bar, equivalent to a force of less than 70kN, compared to the previously recorded normal slewing force of over 200kN.

The BAM Nuttal Limited project for Bristol City Council is now nearing the final stages of completion. Still to commission are the end of travel buffers and the automatic control system.

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