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Celebrating Eadon’s 15th Anniversary


This month marks fifteen years since Eadon was founded! Fifteen remarkable years of doing what we love most—problem solving and providing creative, robust solutions to industry challenges.

Our mission, vision and values have consistently driven our strategic decisions and remain at the heart of everything we do. We take pride in continually striving to exceed our clients’ expectations, delivering not just solutions, but innovations that redefine possibilities and set new standards. Clear, open and honest communication remains a priority; both with our clients and each other. Perhaps most of all, we have taken great pride in creating a challenging yet supportive workplace where coming to work is enjoyable.

To commemorate our 15th anniversary we wanted to share 15 of our project highlights that really reflect the diverse and challenging nature of our work.

  1. Te Matau a Pohe Bridge, New Zealand – This lift bridge is the only operational one of its kind in New Zealand and one of a very few for road traffic in the world. Named as one of the top 15 most incredible walkable bridges in the world by Fodor’s Travel.
  2. Skera – This was the first design and supply of equipment we have provided for active deployment in nuclear decommissioning for Sellafield.
  3. Dreamland Roller Coaster, Margate – The scenic railway was one of the oldest roller-coasters in the country until it was burnt down in 2008. We carried out the design of a timber bogie which was used as an integral part of the rolling stock for a refurbished version which was based on the original design but which met modern design standards.
  4. Marine vessle manufacturing design – We had autonomy of designs on this project and were able to use a variety of mechanisms to meet the constraints at each stage of the process. We enjoyed learning a great deal about marine vessel manufacture.
  5. LilleLangebro Swing Bridge, Copenhagen – A multiple-award winning 160m along pedestrian and cycle double swing bridge. Our role was to produce the detailed concept design of the operating equipment which allowed the architectural vision to be realised.
  6. Humber Bridge High Level Cable Crawler Gantries – We carried out the detailed design of the high level platforms required to carry out the majority of the works for the Humber Bridge Main Cable Dehumidification Project. The movable gantries acted as a working platform to allow the main cables to be heat sealed in a polymer wrap along their entire length.
  7. REACH – a versatile modular system developed for long-range mapping, data collection and tool deployment. Originally designed for use in nuclear decommissioning applications, this remote handling system enables real-time sensor readings in hard-to-reach, contaminated areas which are not possible to access in person.
  8. The Woolbeding Glasshouse – The Woolbeding Glasshouse was designed as part of an £11m development of these historic National Trust gardens in West Sussex. An elegant but practical piece of kinetic architecture, Eadon provided the conceptualisation and mechanical design support for this large, moving glass structure. It has recently won a Building Beauty Award!
  9. Leadenhall Building Automatic Fire Escape Hatch – We carried out the detailed design of this bespoke, automatic escape hatch for the iconic Leadenhall Building in London. The hatch conceals a fire escape route from the basement level into the 30m tall ground floor atrium and lifts in the event of a fire to allow the use of the staircase underneath.
  10. Severn Bridge gantries – On this project Eadon provided detailed design drawings for two high level gantries on the Severn Bridge in Bristol. Having designed the gantries with sustainability in mind, we incorporated extension pieces into our gantry design which offered flexibility to reuse the same main sections of the platform that were used in the previously mentioned inspection of the Humber Bridge main cable.
  11. ROV Garages – We completed the detailed structural design calculations and full fabrication drawings for a Garage Type Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) tether management system. The all stainless steel garage is used to deploy an ROV and required to operate in severe offshore conditions.
  12. Boston Flood Barrier – The Boston tidal barrier is a £100m scheme designed to control water levels and to prevent a flood recurrence. The project has provided the community of Boston with one of the best standards of flood protection outside of London, and has won the ICE award for sustainability in engineering. Eadon are proud to have been central to the design and testing of the 362 tonne gate.
  13.  Scottish Canals Lock Gate Inspections –  Eadon supplied mitre gate designs and fabrication drawings for one new set of lock gates on the Caledonian Canal and the first seven on the Crinan Canal. The work is part of an ongoing project by Scottish Canals to replace ageing lock gates on two historic waterways.
  14. Cody Dock Rolling Bridge, London –  A movement to reinvigorate the empty Cody Dock area will see the dock refilled with water from the River Lea and a unique rolling footbridge installed to allow access between the two sides of the river. The footbridge uses a fully counterbalanced mechanism which is so efficient that it can be operated by hand with no need for assistance from power or motors. Eadon worked with Thomas Randall Page, Price & Myers and Cake Industries to provide engineering advice on the mechanical aspects of the bridge’s design.
  15. Metrology Tower Structural and Seismic Design – Eadon was part of a team which completed the detailed structural fabrication drawings for a tower in Dehradun, India. Due to the tower being located in a region of high seismic activity, the 4 story structure had to be designed using a dynamic analysis to the Indian seismic and structural steel design codes.

We are incredibly proud of how Eadon has evolved and the reputation we’ve forged. Not to mention the team we’ve built along the way, which comprises some of the most talented engineers in the industry. A huge thank you goes out to everyone in the Eadon family who make it such a great place to be. Moving forward, we aim to expand the team even further and continue to take on projects which make a meaningful impact on our society.

Here’s to the next 15 years of innovation!










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