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Director Expertise: Flood Gates


Eadon Director David Price has worked in the design, manufacture and installation of water control structures such as flood gates and inland navigation for nearly twenty years.

In his early career he worked for a fabrication and machining company becoming their one man design department working on many projects for Canal and River Trust (formerly British Waterways) and the Environment Agency. During this time David designed, oversaw manufacture, and was involved with the  installation of many gate projects. These included heavy duty machinery for use in timber mitre gate manufacture,  design of flood and navigation gates in both timber and steel, and the mechanisation of numerous sets of gates. One of David’s most notable achievements was being solely responsible for the design and production of manufacturing drawings for the world’s first drop lock in Dalmuir, Scotland.

Following his early career working for a manufacturing company David joined a structural and mechanical engineering consultancy working in the field of moving structures. Here, as well as water control gates he worked in fields such as bridge access gantry design and tunnel boring machines.

In 2009 David was one of the founding partners of Eadon Consulting Ltd. During his time at Eadon David has been instrumental in winning many contracts delivering the design and manufacturing drawings of flood gates. He has also been involved with inland and marine navigation gate projects, as well as the repair and replacement inspections of many other assets. Additionally he has worked as Lenders Technical Authority for a major infrastructure project in the Netherlands. David has been involved in contracts of water control gates such as sector gates, mitre gates, vertical lift gates, and flap gates.

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