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Eadon assists in restoring Purton Upper Swing Bridge


Eadon has played a crucial role in supporting AmcoGiffen in the restoration of the Purton Upper Swing Bridge in Gloucester. Situated on the Sharpness Canal, the ageing bridge is designed to accommodate both light road traffic and pleasure craft but is currently in a poor state of repair.

Eadon has successfully developed a safer electric motor gear drive system that utilises a pin rack. This easy to maintain system replaces the existing hydraulic cylinder drive, which had previously raised safety concerns.

Additionally, we have specified an upgraded central pintle bearing, as well as improved the tail wheels and support system, all of which were in poor condition.

To enhance the functionality of the bridge, an additional measure has been implemented: the integration of a hand wind facility to the motor. This feature allows for manual operation and enables bridge recovery in the event of an electrical power failure.

Our robust and reliable solutions will ensure that the bridge remains functional and safe for many years to come, and we are excited to see them put into action in the near future.

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