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Eadon awarded work at Bristol’s Historic Floating Harbour


Following their work on Junction Lock Swing Bridge at Bristol Docks, Eadon have designed new Ekki timber lock gates to replace those at Netham Lock on the Feeder Canal. The Feeder canal is the inland link between the River Avon and Bristol’s famous floating harbour which dates back to 1809.

The gates have been designed for BAM Nuttall to Eurocode 5, BS EN 1995-1-1 Design of timber buildings and civil engineering structures. Due to the more onerous rules on allowable shear stress over the now withdrawn timber code BS 5268-2, the shear connections on the gates have had to be strengthened compared to the old gates.

A lack of drawings for the existing lock gates has necessitated a diver survey to try and establish the correct dimensions for the new gates as accurately as possible however final sizing of the gates will take place once the old gates have been removed.

Eadon also carried out a feasibility study on the gates to establish the most economical and practical way of future mechanisation.

SolidWorks image showing the design of the new timber lock gates

SolidWorks image showing the design of the new timber lock gates

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