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Eadon Consulting Attend Carbon Capture & Storage Conference


Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology is expected to contribute a significant proportion of the UK’s energy supply over the coming decades. It offers reliable, economical power with no direct carbon emissions into the atmosphere. The Yorkshire and Humberside region gives huge potential for the adoption of CCS, with corresponding potential for innovation and growth in the local supply chain.

Friday 4th February saw an important CCS event at the AMP Technology Centre, home of Eadon Consulting, with presentations from industry leaders, power plant operators and government officials explaining the latest in technology and government policy. The keynote speech was given by the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, who reaffirmed the Government’s commitment to CCS.

Ian Hylands said “Eadon Consulting see Carbon Capture and Storage as an important technology in allowing the UK to meet its emissions obligations, and as a market with great possibilities for the region. Following today’s conference we look forward to continuing our involvement with CCS and assisting with its implementation over the years to come”.

Eadon Consulting can provide mechanical design of piping systems, including stress analysis to piping codes such as ASME B31.3 and BS EN 13480 and production of isometric drawings using powerful 3D technology to aid visualisation of the pipe route. Eadon Consulting also have extensive knowledge of Horizontal Directional Drilling, a trenchless crossing technique likely to be vital to the construction of pipelines for transporting carbon dioxide to the storage site.

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