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Eadon Consulting Welcomes Yuhou Cheung


Eadon Consulting welcomes Yuhou Cheung who joins the team at the start of 2013. He arrives having spent over ten years working for multidisciplinary consultancies, first for MG Bennett & Associates and most recently as a Senior Engineer for the Atkins Nuclear Design team. As well as bolstering the design capabilities at Eadon he brings a wealth of experience across a broad range of industries, especially in finite element analysis (FEA).

Yuhou is a mechanical engineer who has worked on a diverse range of projects from the architectural and sculptural through to heavy industrial machines. He has built up a large body of work in mechanical and structural design, 3D modelling and FEA. Operating in both design and consultancy roles he has worked on several high profile projects, such as the roof of the new Wembley Stadium and tooling for the Airbus A380 wing skins. More recently he has worked on evaluating work for ITER at their experimental nuclear fusion reactor currently being constructed in France and assessed a range of mining equipment to be used in South America and China.

Throughout his career Yuhou has established himself as an expert in using FEA to support projects and has produced detailed models of static and transient structural, thermal and fluid problems across a variety of industries. This has included pressure vessels, high temperature steam valves, cranes (including nuclear lifting equipment), bridges, subsea equipment and tunnelling machines to name just a few. He has also acted as lead engineer on a number of jobs taking projects from the initial concept stages through to detailed design and the supervision of onsite works, this includes a series of rigs used to test wind turbine bearings and blades up to 90m in length.

As well as modelling structures and mechanisms Yuhou also has experience in fluid modelling across a range of applications. This includes multiphase fluid flow analysis (liquid, gas and solid) through a cyclone separator for the oil industry, modelling the flow around a subsea turbine blade and producing models to show the air flow and heat transfer within an autoclave used for forming aircraft wing panels.

With this new appointment Eadon are anticipating a bright new year and the team are looking forward to new challenges ahead.

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