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3 days ago
The Bridges Scotland 2021 conference starts today at the SEC in Glasgow. Tomorrow, Eadon Director David Price will be giving a presentation at the event on issues that arise in the design of the bridge access gantries. Read more here: #BridgesScotland21 Eadonnews photo

Eadon develops high volume, regulation compliant PPE face shield


Eadon Consulting has used its wide variety of design skills to develop a high volume, regulatory compliant face visor to aid in the fight of Covid-19. The project took only two weeks to go from concept, testing and hospital trials to injection moulded parts.

Having started 3D printing face shield parts we soon recognized that the this wasn’t a long term solution and would not create the volume needed by the NHS and front line workers. To enable the volumes required we developed an injection moulded solution that complies with BS EN 166:2002, uses a UK supply chain and can be reused through chemical sterilisation. The supply chain has been set up to supply up to 10,000 units per day and hence can fulfill large orders very quickly. Find out more at


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