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3 days ago
What took a 36-hour voyage across the North Sea and a trip along the Thames before reaching its new home in Canary Wharf?…

Not the @COWI_UK  team coming back from their summer holiday, but London's newest moveable bridge!

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Eadon issue design drawings for Dreamland railway


Eadon have just issued detailed manufacturing drawings for a new set of timber bogies to be used on a restored Scenic Railway at Dreamland, Margate.  The Scenic Railway is being re-built following a fire in 2008 which destroyed large sections of the track and all of the vehicles.  The scenic railway is a key part of the re-development of the whole Dreamland site.  The bogies have been designed to meet the modern timber code whilst still maintaining the same dimensions and appearance of the original bogies.  The new structure is currently in construction with the opening due for summer 2015.

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