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Eadon to attend NDA Supply Chain Event


This year, Eadon are excited to announce they will be exhibiting at the 4th annual NDA Supply Chain event. The largest event of its kind in the UK, the exhibition will include an assembly of prestigious guest speakers as well as the NDA Supply Chain Awards and an abundance of networking opportunities.

The event which will be held in Manchester in November will provide an opportunity for Eadon staff to engage with other companies working in the nuclear sector or with ambitions to become involved and will offer an opportunity to discuss some of the exciting projects Eadon are currently involved in. A key aim of the event is to encourage greater visible opportunities for the entire supply chain, and particularly for SMEs. With this in mind, Eadon will be keen to show case its nuclear abilities as a small, in house, engineering design firm which has an unparalleled ability to offer highly detailed work to a range of clients including those working to acute timescales and unique briefs.

More information to follow…

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