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Eadon To Design Gantries For Humber Bridge Dehumidification


Eadon Consulting has recently teamed up with The Spencer Group who have won a prestigious contract to install the dehumidification system to the main cables of the Humber Bridge.

Eadon will be supplying the designs for the high level access gantries which are movable structures that form a working platform enabling the bulk of the dehumidification system work to be completed. This involves sealing the main cables along their full length in a heat sealed plastic wrap and installing injection and exhaust sleeves at various locations to allow the dehumidified air to be pumped through the cable.

Two different types of gantry will be designed. The first is a modified gantry which was previously used on the M48 Severn Bridge Dehumidification. The second a brand new design, which will be used only on the Hessle side span where the angle of main cable is much steeper than elsewhere.

In addition to the temporary works designs for the high level platforms, Eadon will also design the steelwork for the dehumidification plant rooms to mount on, as well as the injection and exhaust sleeves and the pipe work routing and mounting brackets.

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