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3 days ago
What took a 36-hour voyage across the North Sea and a trip along the Thames before reaching its new home in Canary Wharf?…

Not the @COWI_UK  team coming back from their summer holiday, but London's newest moveable bridge!

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Eadon Welcomes Daniel Cunningham


Eadon Consulting welcomes Daniel Cunningham, having studied Mechanical Engineering at The University of Sheffield, he joins the company as a Graduate Engineer and will be starting his career with Eadon focusing on CAD support for a range of current projects before moving on to build his knowledge of calculations and analysis.

During his studies, Daniel engaged in a range of projects which included the design of modification options for reducing galling-based wear in industry leading cash processing machines.

In his final year Daniel produced a dissertation which researched the implementation of machine learning techniques in applying ultrasonic guided waves as an advanced non-destructive testing technique, diagnosing the presence and extent of millimetre scale surface damage in aluminium plates.

Daniel is looking forward to applying his skills and understanding to contribute to the wide range of projects Eadon is currently working on, learning from the vast experience within the company and to gaining furthering his skills in CAD and design.

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