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Eadon welcomes Darren Bunker


We are very pleased to welcome our newest Mechanical Design Engineer, Darren Bunker, to the Eadon Consulting team.

Darren is a highly experienced mechanical engineer. After completing his Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Leeds he spent 15 years working on moving structures and cranes projects – many in the nuclear industry.

In his most recent role, he worked as a Senior Design Engineer designing and developing equipment for use in the pharmaceutical industry.  “I was primarily involved in designing lifting equipment” he says, “but I also I worked on things like powder movement, powder transfer, drum massagers and sack openers. So there was a wide range of equipment I was involved with designing and getting manufactured.”

Darren says he’s looking forward to working with Eadon where he feels he’ll be given the opportunity to diversify his skillset. “At Eadon you work for a vast array of sectors. Civil engineering, waterways, bridge building, nuclear… it’s really diverse and I’m looking forward to expanding my horizons here.”

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