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Eadon welcomes Jack Harker


Eadon is delighted to welcome our newest Engineer, Jack Harker, to the team. Having achieved his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, Jack’s return to the city marks the beginning of an important new chapter in his career.

After working as an engineer in the automotive sector for the past 18 months, Jack is thrilled for a change of direction at Eadon. “I’m looking forward to delving into the technical aspects of the work and applying techniques from my degree to the design process. Especially using analysis and calculations to inform design decisions.” he says.

Jack’s knack for building things from a young age, coupled with his passion for maths and physics, naturally steered him towards a career in engineering. His love for mountain bikes and motorcycles led him to work weekend shifts as a mechanic at a bike shop when he was just 16, further fuelling his curiosity about how things work.

Outside of work, Jack embraces his adventurous side and can often be found mountain bike racing!

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