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Eadon welcomes Ollie Lanchbery


Eadon Consulting is pleased to introduce our newest Engineer, Ollie Lanchbery.

Ollie took the apprenticeship route into engineering. Over 3 years, he balanced studying for a degree at the University of Sheffield with gaining vital work experience at Atkins. Following that, he moved to SCX Special Projects where he worked for 2 years on a wide range of kinetic architecture projects.

Ollie says he was keen to move to Eadon because of the wide variety of work on offer. “They’ve got some really interesting projects in their portfolio,” he said. “Given my significant involvement in nuclear projects during my previous roles, it’s an area I’m particularly keen to get involved with and continue learning about.”

Ollie’s hands-on nature and passion for engineering goes beyond the workplace. In his spare time he enjoys fixing up and driving cars and can often be found working on 3D printing projects.

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