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Eadon welcomes three new engineers


Oscar Anglim, Callum Lynn and Elliot Hopkins have all joined the Eadon team within the past 6 weeks. Oscar and Callum have both come to us straight from completion of their master’s degrees in engineering, both specialising in mechanical engineering. Elliot is spending his year in industry with Eadon, part-way through a mechanical engineering degree at the University of Sheffield.

Callum hit the ground running when he joined the team in early September and is already involved in a nuclear project that we are working on. Having chosen Eadon because of the variety of experience in different industry sectors that we can offer, Callum is keen to get a range of projects under his belt. When asked what he is hoping to learn through his work, he said a key aim is the development of his CAD skills, but Callum also explained that one of the reasons he chose to begin his career with us is that ‘In a smaller business like Eadon, there is the opportunity to see how consultancy works, with more exposure to the business itself than I would get in a larger company’. When he’s not honing his Solidworks skills, Callum can be found road cycling and playing 5-aside.

Oscar’s interest in working at Eadon was sparked by the sighting of a submersible ROV on our website, and this led him to looking at the variety of projects we’ve worked on. Since his induction a couple of weeks back, Oscar has been selected as part of a project team working on London’s Tower Bridge hydraulics, and says, ‘It’s fantastic to be involved in a project on a building that everybody knows.’ He is working on reproducing the old 1970s drawings as a CAD model, and with CAD being an area that he really wants to develop strong skills in, he’s already off to a great start. Oscar enjoys indoor climbing and modifying electric guitars in his spare time, interests that he developed during lockdown.

Elliot opted for a bachelor’s degree with a year in industry to provide him with hands-on experience, which is exactly what he’s getting at Eadon where he is already involved in several real-world projects. Elliot started off looking for a manufacturer to spend his year out with but, having heard Eadon speak at a careers event, said ‘I liked the look of the range of projects that Eadon can provide, and the fact that it’s a consultancy business means that you get to work in a real variety of industries. It will also help to provide some of the soft skills I’ll need, like report writing.’ Elliot is looking forward to seeing projects through from beginning to end, as well as getting hands-on with some site visits. To keep himself busy outside of work Elliot spends time at the gym and with his local darts society – not necessarily winning but at least enjoying the social side of things!

In talking to our three new team members there were clear themes; ambition to work on a variety of projects to gain experience across a range of work – in part to shape their future careers but also to provide variety and interest. All three of our new starters are also really keen to develop their CAD skills, which should be no problem given the type of work they will be doing with us.

If you are a student looking for your future employer or a year in industry and have similar ambitions to Callum, Oscar and Elliot, why not get in touch with us? We love to hear from ambitious engineering graduates, all you have to do is send a covering letter and CV using this form and we’ll be back in touch with you within a couple of weeks.

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