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Eadon’s growing R&D capabilities


Over the last couple of years, the team at Eadon Consulting have been developing their research and development experience and capability.

This is largely down to the opening of our in-house workshop in late 2019.

Having access to a workshop full of tools and equipment has allowed us to better understand and learn more about the practical implications of what we design. This ‘hands on’ experience has given our team the opportunity to grow and develop their skills on a more practical level. It has been particularly useful for our work placement students and graduate employees.

Recent graduate Dan Cunningham says: “The opportunity to engage with projects in Eadon’s workshop facilities has been of great benefit to me – gaining hands-on experience of making and assembling components and expanding learning from university with real-world experience. With Eadon’s growing number of R&D based projects, I’ve engaged with the REACH, Skera and LANCE projects, working on feasibility studies through to full-scale proof of concept prototyping for exciting new technologies. Designing and producing the prototype hinge module for REACH has been a highlight, taking models and drawings through to a fully working machine in a short space of time, and gaining understanding of the reasons behind, and implications of design decisions made on a daily basis.”

Placement student Tom Corren says: “ As a young engineer, nothing helps you learn more effectively than assembling the components you have designed. As Eadon is a consultancy, I wasn’t anticipating having that mixture of design and hands-on practical work, but I was wrong! During my first two months at Eadon, I was able to make use of the 3D printing capability to design, manufacture and assemble several iterations of a drone landing pad, allowing quick identification of the mistakes made during design and giving time to rectify these in the final product. And even since moving onto other projects, there has been real emphasis on, and value in, making use of the workshop to help in every stage of design, from concept generation through to final design troubleshooting.”

Another graduate, Dan Camps says the workshop facility within Eadon has given a whole new dimension to many projects he has worked on. “To be able to see and feel your ideas and designs in reality is very valuable and has helped my understanding with solving real life problems. From 3D printing and prototyping to assembling bespoke machinery and seeing them in action, we have a good range of skills and our capability is ever growing.

“An interesting project that I have recently completed in the workshop was the design and build of a test rig that is designed to mimic the working conditions of the Diamond Wire Cutter and collect data that will be used to optimise its cutting parameters. The build of this project had over 50 different 3D printed parts as well as laser cut aluminium plate and polycarbonate sheet.”

If you’re an engineering student and would like to find out more about placement or graduate opportunities at Eadon Consulting, visit the careers section on our website at





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