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Forth Road Bridge High Level Inspection Gantry


This month has seen the installation of two high level platforms on the east side of the Forth Road Bridge. The platforms are to be used for the forth main cable inspection as part of an ongoing maintenance and inspection program which started back in 2004.

Following their successful collaborations in 2017 on the M48 Severn Bridge Main Cable Inspection and also the Tamar Bridge Cable Band Bolt Replacement, American Bridge International once again appointed Eadon Consulting as designer for the high level access elements of the project.

As well as carrying out the design required for modifying the existing platforms, Eadon have provided detailed manufacturing drawings, load testing coordination, onsite training, and also inspection of the installed platforms.

Forth Road Bridge Inspection Gantry from cable

Forth Road Bridge Inspection Gantry from deck

For more information regarding our high level access capabilities, or to discuss your movable bridge access gantry requirements, please telephone 0114 399 0400 or contact us.

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