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What took a 36-hour voyage across the North Sea and a trip along the Thames before reaching its new home in Canary Wharf?…

Not the @COWI_UK  team coming back from their summer holiday, but London's newest moveable bridge!

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Fracture Mechanics training


Real structures always contain flaws of some form, such as weld defects, which under the wrong circumstances can result in a part failing suddenly at a much lower load than would be expected based on the yield strength of the steel.  The study of the impact that these flaws can have is called Fracture Mechanics.  The course covered a range of methods for assessing the fracture toughness of a part, from straightforward linear elastic crack tip mechanics through to the use of finite element analysis to calculate the J-integral.  It also looked at the relationship with fatigue.

The course took a very practical approach, with a focus on providing the tools to make engineering decisions rather than delving further than necessary into the theoretical background.  Fracture mechanics techniques can be used to assist in the selection of steel sub-grade in structural applications, and to assess existing defects in parts to determine whether repair or derating is necessary.  Following the course, Eadon Consulting is well equipped to assist in these matters.

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