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Get Up to Speed with STEM


Eadon placement student, Matt Smith, recently took part in an event aimed at showcasing the fundamentals of STEM to the next generation.

‘Get Up to Speed with STEM’ is an annual event designed to introduce and inspire the next generation about the world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It’s a platform for businesses to showcase their services and promote the sector’s success while addressing the skills gap by showing young people the potential of a STEM career.

Matt, an enthusiastic advocate for STEM, became involved in the event a few years ago when he joined the Steering Group as a representative of the Sheffield Engineering Leadership Academy.

This year, Matt enjoyed taking on the role of presenter for GUTS TV, an initiative focused on documenting the event’s proceedings through a series of interviews with industry leaders.

“It’s an amazing event,” says Matt. “Every time you walk by the stands, you see a child asking questions, and their curiosity forms a path towards their future.  Whether they’re interested in railways, planes, healthcare or the armed forces – there’s just so much to explore. It’s incredible.”

Find out more about ‘Get Up to Speed with STEM’ and what the organisers have in store for 2025 here.


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