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3 weeks ago
Last week was the first of our five vertical lift gate sluice inspections at Colwick Suice on the Trent. Always interesting to examine and learn from the issues different structures face after being in service for some years. @Eadonnews @ECSengineering @EnvAgency Eadonnews photo

Higher Activity Waste (HAW) Framework Award


Eadon Consulting is delighted to announce, together with our Partners in the ACCORD Consortium (Galson Sciences Ltd (GSL), Hydrock, Mott MacDonald, PDL and Cerberus Nuclear), that we have been awarded contracts across all Lots of a new multi-million-pound Higher Activity Waste (HAW) Framework. This new four-year framework has been established by Radioactive Waste Management Limited (RWM), and will enable us to provide support to their HAW Programme to optimise the management of HAW and to fulfil RWM’s mission to provide waste management solutions. This is a strategically significant and expanding work area for RWM.

The ACCORD consortium was assembled by GSL and Hydrock. It is an SME led, multidisciplinary team of specialist contractors with cross-sector experience. Members of the consortium have a strong track record of delivering successful projects for RWM and the SMEs in our team now have plans to expand to support this continued collaboration over the next four years.

Through the competitive tendering process, ACCORD demonstrated our capabilities in lifecycle management of HAW, engineering designs for the safe packaging, transport and disposal of radioactive waste, and HAW task-based support.

The HAW Programme works in conjunction with other functions in RWM and with waste packagers to identify and deliver solutions to optimise the management of HAW. This includes:

  • Support to NDA strategy development and delivery, including areas such as:
    • Integrated Radioactive Waste Management
    • Magnox decommissioning strategy
    • Problematic Waste
    • Near Surface Disposal
  • Collaboration with Site Licence Companies to explore near-term opportunities to:
    • Progress site Lifetime Plans
    • Reduce risk across the waste lifecycle
    • Deliver cost savings
    • Support application of the waste hierarchy
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