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Humber Bridge Dehumidification Project Lift Off


The end of March saw the first of four gantries being installed and the commencement of the wrapping works for the Humber Bridge Main Cable Dehumidification Project. Eadon Consulting are responsible for the mechanical and structural design of the gantries working for the main contractor, The Spencer Group.

The first gantry is being used to wrap and seal several low level sections of cable at mid span before starting its arduous journey along the cable up to the top of the North Tower. From there the gantry will slowly traverse back down, enabling the cable sealing works and installation of the air injection and exhaust sleeves as it travels.

As well as the high level movable gantries Eadon have designed the injection and exhaust sleeves and pipe routing to allow the dehumidified air to by pumped through the main cable.

The project is due to complete in Summer 2011 and is the last of the three main suspension bridges in Britain to have the dehumidification system retrofitted.

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