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If you went down to the woods today…


…you might have caught a glimpse of the annual Eadon picnic! No teddy bears in sight, but plenty of our team members, some of our extended families and a couple of furry friends to add to the fun at Graves Park in Sheffield.

Picnic 2022 ball game

We took the afternoon out of our busy schedules to spend some time together without the Covid restrictions of recent years, and we were lucky that the sun shone on us (which isn’t always the case!). We each brought our own food just to be as Covid-safe as possible – which probably also saved our waistlines a little (the old ‘bring enough to share’ suggestion has always led to mountains of food and some substantial goody bags at the end of the day in previous years). There were even a few ball games to finish off the fun. All in all, a great way to spend some time together breaking bread under the glorious British sunshine.

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