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IMechE Hope Cement works visit


Thanks to an IMechE visit, part of Eadon was doing a tour of Hope Cement Work last night. Hope Cement Work is the largest independent cement works in the UK and it is operating in the heart of the Peak District National Park.

Eadon closely looked at the entire process: from the aggregates extracted from the quarries to the final powder of cement. There was a stunning view of the Hope Valley from the top of tower, where the aggregates are combined and passed through several mills to reduce them to the required sizes. The tour then continued between the two massive kilns, in which the chemical reactions take place at very high temperatures and this made the Eadon group boil over.

Hope Cement Works

The high temperatures and the heavy engineering make the 24/7 process a real challenge. Really interesting receiving an insight about this manufacturing process. Our guide was really good at explaining every step of the process and answering all our questions. Definitely worth a visit if you get the chance.


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