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Introducing Matt Smith


We’re excited to introduce Matt Smith as one of our new placement students here at Eadon. Matt has joined us from the University of Sheffield, where he is studying for a Master’s Degree in General Engineering, specialising in energy and sustainability.

As he grew up surrounded by machinery at his father’s workplace, Matt’s passion for engineering began at an early age. “I’ve got a hugely practical mind,” he says. “I love solving problems but I also enjoy the science behind it all as well.”

He’s excited about the wide array of projects he’ll be involved in during his year at Eadon. “There are so many different types of problems to solve with so many different ways to solve them,” he says. “It seems like the perfect mix of technical yet creative work.”

Aside from his work and studies, Matt is an active individual. He’s a keen sailor, an avid skier, and was part of the Cadets. Over the past two and a half years, he has dedicated his time to a charity project aimed at restoring a well drilling rig. Impressively, this rig has recently been dispatched to Africa to drill a well for a school in need – ‘well’ done Matt!

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